Our trip to Cleveland Clinic was a positive one.  The reason we went was to speak with some doctors who have lots of experience with Alpers.  We found that in the Neurologist we saw, Dr. Parikh.  He was very knowledgable about mitochondrial disorders and was able to share a lot of useful information.  He made some changes to some of her medications and suggested some other specialists that should be on Stella’s case.

While in Cleveland we stayed at the Ronal McDonald house which was amazing.  The facility was really nice, like a hotel.  We also drove around Cleveland to explore and see what the city has.  We drove to the water to see Lake Erie.

Stella did really well on the trip.  She had to ride in the car for a long time which she didn’t love but she did really well.  Her vomiting problem seems to be improving.  She did feel the need to christen our Ronald McDonald house with her vomit the night we got there, but there hasn’t been anymore since.

I suspect we will go to Cleveland once a year to visit with the doctors there while we keep our routine visits with our docs here in Winston.

5 thoughts on “Cleveland

  1. Dear Mindy,
    Thanks you for keeping us informed about Stella. We love her very much and she is always in our prayers. We are glad to know that your visit to the doctors in Cleveland was positive. Please remember that you can count on us for whatever we can help you with.

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