Post Procedure

Stella came through her procedures like a champ!  We came to these procedures because a central line access is crucial to her care moving forward.  She also had her G tube changed out for a G/J tube in hopes of reducing the vomiting.  The central line called a Broviak is a semi permeant line that is different from the port because the access is on the outside of the skin rather than being just below the skin.  Below is a picture of what Stella’s looks like.  It looks a little gross right not but the bandage will be changed tomorrow.  The Broviak is great for having quick access for IV fluids and for drawing blood for labs.  The G/J exchange wasn’t complicated at all.  It was kind of just swapping out the G tube and replacing it with a tube that goes to the stomach and then reaches down to the top of the intestine called the jejuna.  Basically we can give meds through the G and feeds to the J.

So the days leading up to the procedures Stella had to be pumped up on blood products.  Basically Stella’s INR number (the one that indicates clotting factors made by the liver) was too high for any surgeon to do any kind of procedure.  Too much of a bleeding risk.  So she was given a variety of blood products; plasma, something called cryo and a whole blood transfusion.  That little cocktail did what it was supposed to do and got Stella to a place where it was mostly safe to do the procedures.

These past few days have been so awesome for Stella.  She has been so alert and smiley.  She is chatty and has been awake for really long periods of time.  The day of her procedures she slept all day.  Today we think she has been experiencing some post procedure discomfort.  We will be working on getting her back up to full feeds the next few days with hopes we will get to go home!

Thank you all for your prayers for Stella.  God saw her and us through this hump in the road and we are keeping our hearts positive that he will see us home and out of this hospital!

11 thoughts on “Post Procedure

  1. Praise be to God! Sending continued prayers nd love to you all.

  2. So glad the procedures went well. Sure hope the results are just what she needs and you all can go home very soon! Love and prayers, always.

  3. So glad to hear this report. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. You three are in my daily thoughts & prayers! Thank you so much for this update!

  5. Thank you so much for your updates on Stella. Glad the procedure went well. God did get you through this hump and will be with you when you go home. Continued prayers for Stella, her terrific parents and grandparents, other of us family and all of your supportive friends.

  6. Praying ???? for Stella, Mindy and Jesse and family. Many have been continuing to pray for you.

    May God keep his healing arms around Stella and give the parents and family peace and comfort knowing he is with you.

    God Bless!

  7. Sweet Stella… your smile is precious and your eyes are innocent. Keep smiling at your mommy as she will always be with you.

  8. Hi Mindy, My name is KarenByrum. Just wanted to let you know that I am raising money for Stella on Facebook and gave them Stella address. Also your last blog pop up on my page. So people will be able to read about your precious angel. Praying she is doing well. God Bless you and the family.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about Stella. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I still want to help. God Bless you.

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